Bridge Loans

Bank Loans can take 6+ months to close

Keystone offers up to 100% Financing

Property Acquisitions

Use our funds to purchase real estate or other assets.

Refinance / Cash Out

Pay off a mortgage or take cash out of a property.

Construction / Rehab

Funding that is perfect for your ground up construction project, light rehab work, or anywhere in-between.

Debt Consolidation

Convert your debts into one payment. Save on costs by paying off high-interest rate lenders.

Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) Financing

Use our funds to reorganize your debts and keep your business moving. Available for companies in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.


Common questions regarding our Bridge Loans

Yes – we write the check and fund all deals directly. We do not rely on outside approval, which allows us to move quickly. We hold loans on our balance sheet for the life of the loan.

Keystone is an Asset-Based Lender, this means we qualify our loans based on business and/or personal assets. Unlike traditional banks, we do not have cash flow covenants or credit score minimums.

We generally can close Real Estate transactions in two weeks. We can close even quicker if appraisals and title work are completed.

Yes – we offer DIP financing.

We are able to provide up to 100% financing on a target property with outside collateral (even in second position).

Our Real Estate Bridge Loans do not have any pre-payment penalty. Borrowers may pay us off at any time.

We offer one-year bridge loans which are renewable for additional one-year periods, with Lender’s approval, provided that all payments have been made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the borrowing agreements.

Our bridge loans are interest only for the first year. If Keystone renews the loan for additional years, we may ask you to make reasonable principal payments.

how it works

Our Rapid Funding Process

Deal Submission /
Credit Review

Tell us your desired loan amount along with the use of funds. Once we receive your financial information, we guarantee same business day or next business day credit decisions.

Underwriting /
Due Diligence

Once our term sheet is signed, we hire all necessary parties to fund your transaction as quickly as possible. This includes Title, Legal, and Appraisals.


This generally occurs 2 weeks from our term sheet signing. Most of our transactions require a handshake and are closed in person.

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