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A continuous source of working capital for your business

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Our Business Line of Credit offers your company a continuous funding facility. This keeps your business moving if a capital need arises, or cash flow slows. This is a great solution if your commercial customers drag out payment terms beyond what your company can comfortably handle.


Common questions regarding our Business Lines of Credit

Yes – we write the check and fund all deals directly. We do not rely on outside approval, which allows us to move quickly. We hold loans on our balance sheet for the life of the loan.

Keystone is an Asset-Based Lender, this means we qualify our loans based on business and/or personal assets. Unlike traditional banks, we do not have cash flow covenants or credit score minimums.

We generally can close lines of credit transactions in two to three weeks.

Yes – we can use properties to secure our line of credit. This allows you the flexibility to move faster on new purchases.

Yes. Most seasonal businesses need a line of credit to offset slower months. When busier, you are able to pay your line of credit back down until you need it next.

Companies use their business line of credit as a way to smooth cash flow and take advantage of new opportunities.

Common uses are:

  • Hiring new employees to meet a growing demand for your services
  • Covering payroll
  • Opening a new office or expanding to a new location
  • Purchasing inventory to get ready for a busy holiday season
  • Running marketing campaigns

We offer Accounts Receivable financing.  This provides you a pool of funds to borrow against your invoices. We rely on you to collect your payments and maintain a relationship with your customers.

Factoring is the process of selling an invoice to a lender. They may step in when not necessary and could potentially damage a relationship with your customer.

Because we rely on you to collect your payments, we are able to charge half the price of a traditional factoring company.

Yes. We offer a no lock box and no notification solution. Your customers are able to pay you directly, with checks and online payments made out to your company. This makes your company look stronger and your customer does not know Keystone exists.

Keystone funds all invoices the same day you submit them.

how it works - Line of Credit

Our Rapid Funding Process

Deal Submission /
Credit Review

Tell us your desired loan amount along with the use of funds. Once we receive your financial information, we guarantee same business day or next business day credit decisions.

Underwriting /
Due Diligence

Once our term sheet is signed, we hire all necessary parties to fund your transaction as quickly as possible. This includes Title, Legal, and Appraisals.


This generally occurs 2-3 weeks from our term sheet signing. Most of our transactions require a handshake and are closed in person.

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